Professional Samples / Stock / leftover / Export Goods Purchasing (No Second Hand/ Furniture)

Cleaning samples, stock, leftover and export goods for over hundreds of Hong Kong factories/ foreign firms / wholesalers/ retailers / warehouses over years


If your company want to

(1)Sell Stock or leftover

(2)Arrange company space in order for more working place

(3)Turn stock or leftover into money

(4)Clean out company / factory / warehouse in order to make a move

(5)Closing out


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We will decide the price immediately when we see the stock; reasonable price with cash;

more away the goods immediately


Welcome to call us and have a free visit for purchasing


One style or assorted items (Assorted is more preferred)

Men / Ladies / Children Garment, Underwear, Bras, Swimming Suits, Towels, Bags, Shoes, Socks, Hats, Belts, Wallets, Scarves, Accessories, Household/Kitchen products, Electronic Device, Toys, Wine, Makeup product and Watches

Samples, Stock, leftover are welcome

Other kinds of stock are also welcome to inquiry

We hope to build relationships/ partnerships with trust between factories/ foreign firms / wholesalers/ retailers / warehouses. In order to make resources become useful, and make the customers/ environmental/ our company to attain a win-win situation

Collecting Stocks

Cash Pay and Take Away Immediately!