Professional Samples / Stock / leftover / Export Goods Purchasing (No Second Hand/ Furniture)

Cleaning samples, stock, leftover and export goods for over hundreds of Hong Kong factories/ foreign firms / wholesalers/ retailers / warehouses over years


If your company want to

(1)Sell Stock or leftover

(2)Arrange company space in order for more working place

(3)Turn stock or leftover into money

(4)Clean out company / factory / warehouse in order to make a move

(5)Closing out


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We will decide the price immediately when we see the stock; reasonable price with cash;

more away the goods immediately


Welcome to call us and have a free visit for purchasing


One style or assorted items (Assorted is more preferred)

Men / Ladies / Children Garment, Underwear, Bras, Swimming Suits, Towels, Bags, Shoes, Socks, Hats, Belts, Wallets, Scarves, Accessories, Household/Kitchen products, Electronic Device, Toys, Makeup product and Watches

Samples, Stock, leftover are welcome

Other kinds of stock are also welcome to inquiry

If you want to buy from us (large quantity), please also feel free to contact us

We hope to build relationships/ partnerships with trust between factories/ foreign firms / wholesalers/ retailers / warehouses. In order to make resources become useful, and make the customers/ environmental/ our company to attain a win-win situation

Collecting Stocks

Cash Pay and Take Away Immediately!